Parade Participants Instructions

Please share the following important information with everyone in your group. We are expecting over 1,100 people in the parade this year.

Following the parade guidelines assures a good time for all — from 3 year olds to 80 year olds.

Entry Forms: Groups who have not submitted forms will be turned away at the staging area.

WATER: Water will be provided for all parade participants at the end of the parade route, in the center of La Pintoresca Park. Parade participants will be identified by their wrist bands.

Safety note: In addition to walkers there will be bands, cars and horses in the parade. Please have your group use caution while in the Staging Area, on the parade route and at La Pintoresca Park.

Saturday, October 6


Pasadena Christian School
1515 N. Los Robles Ave. (between E. Howard St. and E. Ladera St.)

  • Designate 1 person from your group to arrive at this time and check in.
  • Group leader will receive a packet of information
  • Wrist bands will be provided  for each parade participant. For identity purposes please wear the wrist bands throughout the parade.
  • Late arriving entries may be excluded from participation!
  • Entry participants should be dropped off at N. Los Robles Ave. and E. Howard St.
  • Drivers must park somewhere east of Los Robles. They do not have to check- in, unless their vehicle will be used in the parade. Treat this neighborhood as if it were yours. Perhaps, even better, as if you are a guest.

10 AM  ENTRY REPRESENTATIVES will meet with Formation Team



  • The parade will stage on N. Los Robles Ave. and E. Howard Street.
  • Each parade participant, group or unit, is assigned a number designating their entry position in the parade.
  • The unit numbers are marked on the pavement. The lower numbers will be on N. Los Robles. The high numbers will be located on Howard Street.
  • Participants will line up in numerical order. Please inform all group members of your designated number.
  • Parade officials will instruct you to enter the parade.
  • Each entry will be placed 30 feet behind the previous entry.
  • Keep 30 feet distance throughout the parade so that the parade pacing is maintained.
  • Parade volunteers will be located at intervals along the parade route and may encourage you to “close the gap” should you be following behind the pace or “slow down” should you be going too fast. Please listen to them and act accordingly.


  • Travel south on Los Robles Avenue
  • Turn right/west on Washington Boulevard
  • Cross Marengo Avenue and continue on Washington Boulevard
  • Turn right/north on Raymond Ave. and look for a volunteer guide to direct you further. The guides will be wearing black or white t-shirts with name badges that say “Guide.”

Post-parade jamaica
12 noon to 4 p.m. at La Pintoresca Park.

Phone 626-744-6530

Latino Heritage parade route

The Latino Heritage parade starts at E. Howard St., proceeds south on N. Los Robles Ave. and turns right on Washington Blvd. The parade ends at La Pintoresca Park, on the corner of E. Washington Blvd. and N. Raymond. Ave.

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